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Garden Cleaning Services

  • Is your outside space cluttered, untidy, or overgrown?
  • Would you like to reclaim your garden and finally be able to enjoy time outside?

The team at Gold Brush can clear your garden and get it back to its former useable state in next to no time. Each member of our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering a service that second to none. We’re proud our excellent reputation, and we stop at nothing to make sure you are happy with the final results.

If you’d like to get some help with garden cleaning in London, let our friendly team take on the toil of the job. We have the tools, the transport, and the expertise to manage everything for you, in the most efficient way.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a clutter-free, clean area once more? Get a free quotation, no pre-visit required.

Hire a Garden Cleaning Service Expert in London

Clearing out a garden, for most people, proves to be a bit of a hassle. Aside from making the time to do it, there is often a lot of heavy lifting and shifting involved, and this requires sustained energy, no distractions, and the transport to take your waste from A to B.

For these reasons, and more, this is why hiring a garden clearance company to swoop in and take care of everything on your behalf is such an appealing choice. Each member of the Gold Brush Garden Cleaning team has the tools and the transport to clear out your garden fast.

Most jobs can be started and finished over the course of a day. By sending us a couple of images of your garden, we will be able to provide you with a cost and a timeframe for any potential appointments.

Like is busy enough, and our garden clearance services in London will handle it all. Leaving you free to tackle other jobs and look forward to finally being able to enjoy your outdoor space.

What does a garden cleaning service involve?

Typically, the work of a garden clearance expert will be broken down into a couple of parts.

  • Trimming, cutting back of shrubbery, gathering leaves, cleaning gutters, or other such green waste.
  • Removal of all garden waste
  • Clearance and correct disposal of waste
So, if you want to book an affordable garden clearance, please contact a member of the team today to make a booking.

How much will it cost for a London garden clearance service?

All prices offered for a garden cleaning in London will be tailored to your individual needs. This way, you only ever pay for the services you need. We’ll usually request a couple of pictures, as this allows us to see the extent of the work required, and it helps our clearance team know exactly what to expect, and what equipment they’ll need to bring with them on the day.

Some garden clearance services are priced per hour, some will need to account for the weight or amount of garden waste you need cleaning, and others will provide you with a fixed price for the totality of the work.

What types of items will a garden clearance remove?

Almost any type of waste, rubbish, and junk can be removed by a garden cleaning service in London. In many cases, these are the typical items we are asked to remove from people’s gardens.

  • Wood – Old fencing, gates, general wood, etc.
  • Household Waste – Items in boxes, such as clothes, books, etc.
  • Garden Waste – Shrubs, leaves, wigs, grass, weeds, soil etc.
  • Old Furniture – Old pieces of furnishings, sofas, beds, tables, etc.
  • Household Appliances – Broken or unwanted appliances, TVs, printers, etc.
  • Building Waste – Old bags of cement, tiles, pallets, carpet, plasterboard, etc.

There are a number of items we won’t be able to remove, such as medical waste, car batteries, solvents, paint cans, gas bottles etc. When you get a quote, try to make sure you have a rough idea of the largest or heaviest items you’d like us to remove.

If you’d like a bespoke quotation for garden clearance services anywhere in London, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.