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upholstery cleaning London

Upholstery cleaning in London

The team at GoldBrush was asked to deliver professional upholstery cleaning in a London hotel. It had been around 15 years since the reception area items had been purchased, and they were starting to look tired and dull. Despite regular vacuuming, once clients had started to comment on the welcome space looking a little dated, the owners decided it would be more cost-effective to try and find a professional upholstery cleaning in London vs. the cost of replacing or reupholstering the chairs, sofas, and footstools. 

We decided to do the upholstery cleaning over two separate days, which meant the hotel was able to operate as usual, with no visible disruption to the services or welcome space to its customers. As soon as the first set of pieces were placed back into the main area, you could see a remarkable difference in the appearance of the freshly upholstered pieces. 

Once our work was done, the customer was delighted with the results; and it makes such a big difference that even the staff commented on how fresh the communal reception area looked. 

We were able to save this customer a lot of money comparably, as the cost of reupholstering or replacing these items would have been significantly higher than the cost of using our professional upholstery cleaning services in London


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